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modular construction

Protech cooling towers are of vertical induced draft counter flow/Cross Flow design. Easy assembly and dismanting direct access to internal parts and easy maintenance.


Fabricated segments duly matched at works. Made out of fibre reinforced plastic (F.R.P). Aero dynamic countours are achieved for the best fan performance. the housing is designed to with stand wind velocities of approx 60 msec and vibrations, NPG base gelcoat is used in outer surface for protection from ultraviolet rays and have smoothness.


Continuous rating shock-proof weather proof totally emclosed type as per IP-55 and suitable for out door mounting. Capacity 0.5 HP to 15 HP.


The fan consists of axial propeller fan blades of special alloy aluminum / FRP blades of designs aerofoli construction. The fan with variation pitched blades dynamically balanced for low vibration and high efficiency. capacty 520 mm dia t0 2400 mm.

Honey comb pvc fills

Extended contacts area split in coming air and water into several streams spread evently across the cross section of the tower enhancing the rate of heat transfer.

Range : Normal Flls (Max. 550C) / High Temp. Fills Available in different sizes.

Distribution system

Cooling towers using rotating sprinkler distributes the hot water uniformly over the PVC Fills. The rotary head is made of aluminum alloy with sealed ball bearin. With self Lubirication Nylon Bush.
Range : 2 Inch. To 12 Inch. Option Sprinklers are available in SS 304 and Nylon.

Cooling towers the spary system is designed to achieve maximun water sprinkling at the tip of nozzles with minimum pressure drop/ by gravity. The spacing of nozzles is such that the spary through nozzles cover maximum area of tower the main heads and branches are made from PVC heavy duty Pipe the nozzles are made from high density poly proplene. sizes available in 1/2 Inch to 3Inch.

Leak proof f.r.p.basin

Deep sump basin with additional stiffeners to avoids spillage and seepage of water area around the tower dry at all times. Basin inside NPG base gel coat is used for coating and getting smoothness.

Complete anti corrosion treatment

The various stel components such as motor support, FAN guards, fills support hard wares etc., are hot dip galvanizes and corrosion, is no longer a matter of concern.


In around model maintenance is considerably reduced because fan, sprinkler fills and pipes can easily be approached from the top with out distributing the cooling tower casing. In square inspection windows is available for easy maintenance.

capacity range

PRC - model(bottle) / PSC - Model(Square) shaped cooling towers are available from 5 (TR) to 500 (TR) ref. Tonnes in single cell. Above capacity available in multi cell in both the models. Other types of cooling towers can design & supply to meet your specific requirements.