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  • Air - Conditioning & refrigeration
  • Diesel Generators sets
  • Plastic & Rubber Industry
  • Induction Furnace
  • Process water cooling
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Solvent extraction plants
  • Distilleries and Breweries plants
  • PVC pipes mfg. Plants



Established in 1995, Protech Cooling Towers has carved a niche for itself in design and production of different varieties of FRP cooling towers, like Portable cooling towers and for industrial heavy cooling towers, spares etc. The company is a leading manufacturer,suppliers & exporter of bottle, Square and rectangular shaped cooling towers in single & Multi Cell towers of high quality and excellent performances with cost effective. Technology is shared with CTI of America.

About us

Technology is shared with CTI of America. Suppliers & exporter of bottle, square and rectangular shaped cooling towers.  High Quality and excellent performances with cost effective


All components are guaranteed against defective materials for a period of 18 months from the date of supply. No liability will be assumed for loss or damage resulting from misuse of products.

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      ♦ Circulating water flow (LPM)
      ♦ Inlet water temp. 0C
      ♦ Outleft water temp. 0C
      ♦ Ambient wet bulb temp. 0C
      ♦ Application